Value velocity over position

It really irks me that Snooki has more money, power, and influence (MPI) than me. I don’t think she deserves it. Some say its because she is entertaining, however, I think things are better when MPI is earned rather than luckily stumbled upon.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming more apparent all the time (to me, at least) that people are more interested in current position, rather than an individuals velocity and potential position. In some senses it makes sense; people don’t have time to wait as an individual grows and realizes their full potential. The consequence, however, is that those who have high velocity and want to get further in life than just living comfortably only have detractors who close doors rather than open them. The idea that moving up in society only takes hard work seems farther and farther from the truth as time goes on.

I don’t know if things were always this way, but I suspect not. At one time, communities existed – real communities where groups of people did physical things together like eat dinner. At one time things were less about instant gratification and more about making a better future. At one point wealth distribution (within America, at least) was such that the rich weren’t forming wealth singularities and needed to pour every all their resources into said singularity just to keep up, thereby preventing those without resources to form such a singularity to ever have a chance.

What’s particularly frustrating is that people with position help others with position and become a near impenetrable network. I think this sort of activity explains a lot of the political issues we deal with today. When a person with high position helps a friend, there’s no way to tell if the friend is competent! See George W Bush for a perfect example. And so what’s happened is the network of rich, well connected people (who earned their place there decades ago when it was possible to do so) has begun to rot. The decisions they’ve made protect other rich folks (bank bailout – no jail time), but have cut off the opportunity for more worthy (read: high velocity) individuals to replace the cruft.

It’s not just politics either. Potentially good ideas are shunned in business because their leaders are so risk averse due to competition and every resource dedicated to the slow, dreary, predictable march forward. Is there anyone who actually wants to live in that world? Thankfully the tech startup scene is vibrant, but, I’m curious if that will get cut off too.

To top it off, there’s nothing I can see that can be done about it. The game is no longer controlled by individuals, or even by ideas. The game is controlled by money, and if you don’t have it then you can’t play. If you don’t have it, then good luck getting it.

The best I can do is encourage people to value someone by their potential, not by their current position. A lot of people fought a lot harder battles to get to where they are than you can tell just by looking at them.

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