Just Called Mt Gox

I just called the support number on Mt Gox’s website. After a 15 minute wait on hold I got through to a very friendly woman who was just barely capable of speaking English. She took down my name (not sure why). I asked her if I would get my money back and she said that no one was sure. Then I asked what is going to happen, like, whats the plan? Whats coming next? She said she couldn’t comment on individual accounts, but that an announcement would be appearing on MtGox.com in 2 hours. (That would be 9PM Pacific March 2nd).

I’m a little worried there may have been something lost in translation (at first I thought she was telling me it takes 2 hours to update MtGox.com’s homepage). However I pushed for clarification and she said it again that there would be more info on MtGox.com in 2 hours. Hopefully it will be some positive news about BTC I intended to use to pay off my student loans…

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