Fun with a Quadrocopter

I recently purchased the Syma X1 from Amazon, a $35 quadrocopter with great reviews. I also got an $8 keychain camera which is light enough to strap to the X1. I just used packing tape. Overall I was very impressed with the X1. After learning how to fly it properly, it felt very responsive.

I even felt comfortable enough flying it to take it up to the roof on a windy day. I’m still not very skilled flying it, but I got some fun video. The X1 also does flips, which you’ll see in the video.

If you end up getting an X1, you should know that it resets its gyro sensor apparently as soon as the battery is plugged in. So be sure to have it level when you plug the battery in, or else the X1 will think gravity is where gravity is not, and not balance well.

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