New Tablet

For being a Microsoft Student Partner, they send you a laptop every year. This year and last year they sent us tablets, and I just got my new one. The tablet input part of this year’s machine is nicer than last year, though in most other respects the computer is sort of a downgrade. However, because the tablet input is better, I get to do all the cool things you see people with tablets doing (albeit slower because of the other hardware). I’ve attached a picture I made with Ink Art, a free download from Microsoft. It was very easy to use, and it makes me wonder about the kind of stuff one could create with professional level software.

Top Four Design Site Recommendations

I like design quite a bit, but I think even more I like looking at other people’s design work. Below are the sites I frequently use for design ideas/inspiration.

#4 Pixel Groovy
This site is in the social news style, most similarly modeled after Digg. The site doesn’t get new top stories as frequently as Digg, but there are lots of great old articles to look through. What’s great about this site is that stories/tutorials/downloads concerning design don’t age quickly. For this reason, Pixel Groovy is a great repository, because you know at least one, and generally more people, have “grooved” a story.

#3 CSS Remix
This site is full of sites with nifty features that make you make you wish you could include them on your own site. CSS Remix has a pretty great layout with a rating system that allows you to slice up their data on sites in lots of useful ways. If you’re running low on web design ideas I’d definitely check out CSS Remix for some fresh inspiration.

#2 Brusheezy / Vecteezy / Fresheezy
I’m not sure of the relationship between these sites, but all of them offer some really excellent free stuff. Brusheezy offers both brushes and patterns for free download. Vecteezy offers free vector graphics, and I must say most of them are very excellent. The graphics are nearly all modern, stylish design and a lot of design firms have sample packs released there. Fresheezy offers free themes for WordPress, PHPBb and lots of other popular web software. The designs are generally pretty good, though this particular “-eezy” site has a more limited focus to people who use the software they support.

#1 BittBox
BittBox is a great site and is set aside from the rest because the creator of the site generates nearly all of the content featured on it. The stories and downloads offered are available first on BittBox and they are all very high quality. The creator has tutorials and vector downloads frequently so there is usually a nice surprise whenever you go visit.

That’s it for my Design Site Roundup! If you’ve got great sites like these please leave them in the comments.