Balance is important, especially when negativity is so easy

Complaining is cheap, and often sort of fun. However, it is too easy to get caught up in the idea that “everything is bad” when all you focus on is negatives. It sets the tone for your day, and alters your overall opinion on things.

A better alternative would be to have a clear, accurate, and wholly representative understanding of the situation. This means focusing on the good just as equally as the bad.

I used to think “why talk about the things that are good? They are fine, they don’t need attention. Lets call attention to what isn’t working right.”. It made me feel like I was selective, like I had good taste, and knew things that other people didn’t. I even suspected I was a little like Steve Jobs must’ve been, because surely he had good taste. I got to the point where I was starting to be known as a grumpy guy, and so I took a step back and realized what the negativity was doing to me, my mood, and to those around me. And thats when I realized a complete picture is better than a purely negative one.
With a complete picture, I’m less negative. When I’m less negative, Im more likely to have positive thoughts running through my brain. When I have positive thoughts running through my brain, I’m happier. When I’m happier I’m more productive, people like me more, I talk more, and all of those things lead to me being more successful. It was an obvious choice for me!

It’s a new thing for me, and I’m still working on bringing up positives along with negatives. It often feels cheesy or the compliments feel cliche, but, as awkward as it is, I’ve already decided expressing more positivism is absolutely essential, so I’ve just got to keep stumbling forward until I’m good at it!

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