Apparently Mt Gox Has Been Hacked Again…By People Trying To Find Out What Happened

Right now in ##mtgox-chat someone named nanashi____ claims to be speaking for a group of hackers who have gotten into Mt Gox in an attempt to figure out what happened. Nanashi says they have a DB dump and are looking at what to do with it. Nanashi gave these links:

A conversation in Japanese with Karpeles and a Banker
Some Mt Gox Code

Nanashi also posted personal information on those employed by Mt Gox including phone numbers and addresses. Nanashi says the group plans on releasing more info. Nanashi also said the group plans on not releasing the huge store of passport scans they found… Hopefully this group has the public’s best interests at heart.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the (quite long) conversation involving Nanashi

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