About Me

Me at Check Point Charlie in Berlin, Germany
My name is Chris Dzoba, and I’m originally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Prior to working as a software developer, I got my master’s in Computer Science at North Carolina State University. If you would like to contact me, my email address is:
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I worked at Lulu.com as a UI intern the summer of 2006 and worked at Lulu.tv as an UI/slightly more general purpose intern from the end of the summer of 2006 until December of 2007 when the Lulu.tv project was cancelled. After that I worked at IBM as an intern with the IBM TV project in 2009. In the summer on 2011 I worked at NetApp on the Virtual Storage Console team, and I now worked there until June 2013. After that I moved to San Francisco to start a software engineering job at creativeLIVE, where I’m working still.

When I was a teenager, I ran a website that embodies several different services as well as a forum. To see the services click here: Email Icon Generator.

I like to tell people I have two hobbies: 1) Music and most everything about it, and 2) Trying new hobbies. I took singing lessons and play the piano occasionally. Once upon a time I started to learn to play the guitar but did not get very far. I enjoy writing lyrics. I’m always on the hunt for new good music. As for hobbies I’ve tried: sailing, beer brewing, ant farming, I built an aluminum kiln, so many others I can’t remember them all right now.